All About Border Collie

Border Collie is known as the most addicted dog in the world, they need to have something to do, whether it be training, agility, go hunting, throwing a frisbee, anything to keep their brain hyperactive. If we do not give exercises to do our border collie, whether physical or mental, it will destroy the whole house.

And we are not talking about simple socks or slippers, we are talking about mattresses, armchairs, carpets and wood furniture and worst of all, they can do so much for themselves by swallowing all sorts of objects we can imagine, not to mention what a Border Collie can do if we leave it inside our car.

These working dogs are very athletic and need hours of exercise daily, need to run and challenge them, some owners with good intentions, believe that they can have a Border Collie at home or in the yard and that is enough, but nothing farther from reality, this race has been the breed for challenges.


Border Collies are by nature collectors, rather than persecutors or caretakers. For the required distances must have a very good hearing and sight to recognize the orders of their masters. They can recognize subtle differences between whistles and respond correctly to each.

The personality of the dog must be sensitive enough to obey the master but resilient enough to withstand the pressures of intensive training, eager to learn new things and with sufficient determination to do his work without ever having the master.

One admires a dog that guides the sheep with their head down close to the ground, with the back raised and with their tail tucked between the legs. This is the working pose of a Border Collie.

How fast can collies run?

They can run as fast as the wind, stop dry or change direction without stopping running. They never take their eyes off the sheep. Their gaze fixed on the cattle forces them to obey and to go where the dog wants them to go or to stay still if the dog blocks their way.  Border Collie should not frighten cattle, but it must certainly be enforced.

Breed Development

How did Border Collies become so smart and so useful? During the 19th century, shepherds in the UK thought that a farm collie might be more useful if it had characteristics of other breeds, such as a setter’s “stare,” the speed and quiet nature of a greyhound.

In a group of one hundred Border Collies, everyone will look alike but different. Unlike other breeds, the Border Collies have been selected for their behavior, intelligence and resistance, not for their outward appearance. They are usually of medium size (11 to 25 kg), with the coat that can be soft, intermediate or until rough. Its colors are all black, black with white spots, black with ivory spots and less commonly reddish brown. The “merle” color (stained silver gray) is the rarest and most valued.

Border Collies for Sport

As this breed has a high natural motivation to work with its owner, they are ideal for all outdoor sports competitions. Many compete in agility, following a circuit of jumps, slides, highways, and tunnels.

Some Border Collies compete by catching Frisbees or playing Fly Ball.

Border Collies have a mixed reputation. Although some people have no difficulty educating their Border Collie and controlling their grazing instinct, high energy, and quick mind, other owners can be frustrated with a dog with these characteristics.

Border Collies that graze sheep are dogs that have their instinct satisfied. In homes with owners dedicated to them, who give them the structure, work, and companionship that the breed demands can be outstanding pets.

But run by careless or inconsistent owners can turn into a nightmare. Before taking charge of a Border Collie, learn about the needs of this breed and evaluate if you are willing to spend time with the dog. It is very difficult to find a new home for a Border Collie that has developed destructive or violent habits.

Required Care

Border Collies consistently pelican. The varieties with dense fur need to be combed before the summer heat arrives. They should clean their teeth and cut their nails. A veterinarian should recommend the sequence of vaccines. Excess heat can kill a Border Collie its overactive nature puts you at risk for hyperthermia. They need to have shade and water after running or an intense workout.

Leaving them alone often causes them to get into trouble since their grazing instinct can be activated by anything that moves. If you do not control your temptation to chase cars may end up a hit. Grazing things that should not be grazed should be stopped with an energetic NO.

Having a Border Collie is a compromise. Before buying one, make sure that you are willing to spend two years training it and thirteen or more with a dog with a lot of energy that anticipates all your movements, that wants to share all your joys, to comfort you of all your sorrows and to win you in all the races.