Table Saw Usage

table sawThe table saw is a stationary circular saw ; it is basically a circular saw that is installed underneath a table.

The blade is adjustable in height to exceed the table a little bit. Thus, a number of trays, boards and other pieces of wood can be sliced through by pushing them along the blade by hand or with your pushers.

Depending on its size, power and accessories, you can cut chunks of wood from different sections and types.

With respect to its weight and its structure, the table saw can be portable or fixed to the workshop.

What are the characteristics of a table saw?

Installed under the table, the circular saw allows the edging of panels – wood, particles, even the slicing of soft metals depending to the type of saw and blade that is being used.


The blade is chosen according to the type of material to be cut and its height is adjustable according to the thickness of the wood etc…

The diameter of the blade varies a ton, roughly, between 200-400, with carbide teeth. The blade is surrounded by covers that ensure the user is safe at all times.


The table, is aluminum or cast iron, the saw is not very big; a small model can have dimensions of 60 x 40 cm while a larger saw can work well too. In any case, the working surface is not huge; that’s why there are many accessories, such as table extensions, that help to improve the comfort of use by increasing the work area. Some of the top table saws will have tables that can be collapsed as well.


The power varies between 1,000 and 4000 W and relates to the ability of the saw to cut pieces of wood. Hardwood that is a large section requires more a lot of power so a cabinet table saw might be better. Therefore, the machine can be mono or three-phase.

Saw Function

The miter saw function remains pretty good. The principle is to reverse the position of the saw to be able to use it from the top of the table at all times.

This saw is used to make deep cuts, that is to say cuts between 0 and 90 degrees depending on the piece of wood. To do this, the table is equipped with a turntable and the saw of a high quality.